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Strategic Planning Model Development


A NYSE-listed national real estate company with $10.5 billion in total assets reorganized several of its departments in order to better support its business strategy. As part of that reorganization, the company formed a new department for strategic analytics. The company’s executives realized they needed assistance with the development of the new function, including the creation of financial models and tools to help the staff analyze the business for strategic planning purposes.

The Patina Solution

Patina provided a professional with 25 years of experience including expertise in building budgeting, forecasting and reporting tools to:

  • Assess the new department, its people and charter to recommend a solution that would solve their needs.
  • Develop Excel-based models to report strategic plans, add and adjust inputs, assist in cash flow what-if scenarios, and provide acquisition and divestiture support.
  • Assist the IT department in integrating models with SAP business intelligence tools.
  • Provide a documentation manual and employee training to employees on using and maintaining the new tools.


The Patina Professional successfully created and developed the tools to allow the company to quickly, easily and accurately gain insights into the financial impact of its what-if scenario planning alternatives.  While the model is used primarily to support the company’s semi-annual strategic review process, it is also being used on an ad-hoc basis.