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Technology Support for Healthcare


A for-profit ambulatory provider of blood banking services was in need of an interim Chief Technology Officer to lead the transition to an upgraded Electronic Health Record to provide improved safety and efficiency. The provider’s blood banking services are delivered across 25 locations in the Southwest United States and the processes for documentation and data collection were inconsistent and cumbersome.

The Patina Solution

Over a four month period, Patina assessed the organization for readiness, recruited the necessary talent to address gaps, designed a two year plan to implement the new system with minimal disruption in services and developed a new IT infrastructure to assure sustained success.

Patina delivered the needed expertise in the form of a professional with experience as a CIO of a major Research and Blood Banking Center. The Patina executive had significant experience collaborating with clinical staff to redesign technology systems that would improve clinical care and efficiency.


This organization is currently executing Patina’s plan, which is resulting in significant improvement in efficiency and growth.