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Advertising Campaign ROI Analysis


A financial services company had embarked on a bold and expensive advertising campaign. Wondering if the expense was justified, the company’s board of directors needed to know what the return on investment was for this new effort. Knowing that metrics, measured on a regular basis, were necessary in order to point to the impact the branding campaign was having on the bottom line, the company’s Vice President of Marketing reached out to Patina for assistance.

The Patina Solution

Patina provided a CMO-level professional with extensive financial services industry experience. An excellent fit for the role, the Patina Professional also had vast experience in the measurement of campaign effectiveness. Our talented professional was engaged to evaluate the marketing strategy and create a ROI model that would allow information to be presented in relevant terms to the board of directors.


The Patina Professional evaluated the research and measurement methodologies related to the company’s current marketing activities. The result was a comprehensive analysis with concrete recommendations for improving measurement activities. In addition, our professional developed a ROI model or “dashboard” of metrics, including a new customer lifetime value model, for evaluating and communicating the impact of this campaign and marketing investments going forward.